Program Overview

In 2017, The Novato Unified School District introduced the 1:World Chromebook program with the goal of connecting all students to broader world of global, online resources, transforming curriculum to make use of the best practices in 21st century teaching, and giving all students the opportunity to gain important digital literacy and citizenship skills to prepare them for the careers and lives in our modern era.  Read more about 1:World initiative at NUSD.

At San Marin, this program started with chromebooks being issued to incoming Freshman for the 2017 school year, and at the start of the 2019/2020 school year, now includes every student through the senior graduating class.

At the beginning of each year, each student is sent a selection of conduct agreements and materials with their registration or re-enrollment packet to fill out with their parents.  Once these important agreements are signed, incoming freshmen are issued a chromebook which they are responsible for maintaining in good working order, and bringing with them to class every day so they can participate in the increasingly collaborative, project based curriculum of the school.  The chromebook they are issued is their responsibility until graduation, so students are encouraged to carefully care for their device, and have access to a variety of school resources to keep it in good working order.  Most importantly, students are expected to follow the Six Mustangs; a general set of guidelines based off the 1:World Code of Conduct, the NUSD Acceptable Use Policy, and common sense.

Latest Program Updates

When are chromebooks issued at San Marin?

Chromebooks are issued at Freshman Orientation to students who have successfully completed all of their online registration and enrollment paperwork, including the Acceptable Use Policy Agreement, 1:World Code of Conduct Agreement, and Student Technology Use Agreement.  Students who have not completed the paperwork with their parents will be issued their chromebook once it is confirmed completed by the Counseling Office.