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Prospective Students

San Marin offers a comprehensive program of study. A stable administration, dedicated hard-working teachers, and support staff have enriched San Marin’s already outstanding educational program with a number of important additions. Below are highlights from some of these additions offered to students. Please see the Course Catalog for additional details on all of our special programs.

Academic Programs

  • STEM Marin (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  STEM is project-based, technology-focused curriculum that allows students to develop their critical thinking skills through scientific experiments and solving real-world problems. There is also a focus on collaborative group-work, communicating your ideas verbally, in writing, and through technology, and creativity and innovation.

STEM Marin is recruiting interested and qualified incoming ninth grade students for the 2019-20 school year. STEM Marin hosts TWO PROGRAMS: Biotech Program and STEM Program. Both programs offer a challenging, comprehensive, college-prep high school experience highlighting science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum. Project-based learning and use of technology are key instructional strategies integrated into the curriculum. As small learning communities, the Biotech and STEM programs focus on developing strong relationships between staff, students, and parents. This makes it possible to offer personalized, hands-on, individual assistance and support to our students. When students apply to Biotech or STEM, they are choosing to enroll in an alternative educational setting and committing to high personal and academic expectations.

  • smARTt (San Marin Arts and Technical Arts)-an integrated group of university approved classes which include: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Writing Arts, and Technical Arts. Many classes are taught after school so that students are able to take AP and Honors courses during regular school hours and fit other UC approved electives into their schedule.
  • CTE Pathways (Career Technical Education). CTE Pathways are a series of rigorous courses that prepare students for both college and career in a specific area of industry, often with the option to receive college credit and/or earn an industry certification. The course of study forms a powerful and positive integrated link with all other disciplines. Knowledge and skills across disciplines are enhanced and reinforced through the practical application of technology. A strong understanding of the benefits of technology helps students realize how the world of work is rapidly changing with the increased use of computers and related technology. Some classes offer credit with the College of Marin. The option to earn an industry specific certification is available after the final course in most CTE Pathways. CTE courses must be taken in sequence for certification eligibility. CTE Pathways are open to all SMHS students who have the drive to achieve at high levels. There is no application required for CTE pathway courses.
  • Advanced Placement: San Marin High School strives to provide an academic environment allowing our students to reach and exceed their limits. The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers high school students in grades 10-12 a more rigorous academic curriculum in which they can take university-level courses. Students will demonstrate mastery of the advanced material through nationally standardized AP exams and ultimately be eligible for university credits. To learn more about AP Credits visit the College Board AP Credit website.

Support Programs

  • AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)-prepares 1st generation college-bound students for rigorous curricula and mainstream school activities to increase their opportunities for admission to 4-year universities.
  • Link Crew: A program designed to provide incoming 9th graders with mentoring to help them transition to the high school environment, Link Crew is an orientation, mentoring, and leadership training program all in one.  Junior and Senior Link Leaders are trained and coordinated by experienced teachers, and in provide, mentor the incoming freshman to ensure their success learning to navigate the social and educational challenges of high school.

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