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Student Shadowing for prospective students
Fall 2016

There will be two Shadowing Days at San Marin High School ,  October 13th and October 27th.

These Shadow Days are designed to expose all prospective students to the following programs:

STEM Marin Program

Biotechnology Academy Program

Social and Environmental Justice Program (formerly Global Academy)

smARTt Program


These are the ONLY shadow days that San Marin will offer.


All eighth grade students at Sinaloa will automatically be registered for one of the Shadow Days and will be accompanied by a Sinaloa parent and teacher volunteers. Please check Sinaloa eNews for additional information.


For Hamilton and San Jose students , information about sign-ups will be made available through our website or through middle school eNews  after September 23rd, 2016.


Students from private schools, or from out of district, will sign up on our website after September 23rd, 2016.


information about entering our various programs (listed above) will be available starting November 1st, 2016.


To find out more about what is currently offered through our programs, please go to the website of the programs:


STEM Marin Program                                           

Biotechnology Academy Program                  

Social and Environmental Justice Program   

smARTt Program                                                    

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