There are numerous clubs available based on student interest. Be sure to check out Club Day to find out more about these clubs and their activities.

Clubs for the 2015-2016 School Year are:

Art Club

Description: Make an enjoyable environment for art students (and any others interested) to discuss art and ways to fundraise. We create art projects on campus and raise money for the art department and school. We make bracelets and do origami as club activities.

Student Rep:


Chess Club

Description: Playing Chess and Joining Chess Tournaments

Adviser: Mr. Spinrad

Student Rep:


CSF (California Scholarship Federation)

Description: CSF selects students based on academic performance. We help the local community, schools and world through various fundraisers and volunteer projects. We provide tutoring services after school. We work hard to provide CSF members and San Marin students opportunities to give back to the community and make a difference. Together, we send a positive image to the community and help improve the world.

Student Reps:

Adviser: Mrs. Francine Cunnie

Student Rep:


Cycling Club

Description: Get dirty/ride/race mountain bikes. This would be some great exercise. Many other schools have one, and it is great for endurance, cardiovascular and  Breathing.

Our mission is to promote the enjoyment of bicycle riding for students in a safe and healthy atmosphere and offer the opportunity to train for and compete in the Mountain Bike races held in the spring by the NorCal High School Mountain Bike Racing League. More info on the league is available at: .  These races are the main focus of our season, which runs from December through May. We ride three to four days a week and gradually build our strength to peak at the season ending’s State Championship race held at Bogg’s Mountain in Lake County. The racing league consists of 35 other high school teams and will have as many as 500 racers. Our club offers the chance to start at a beginning level and develop the biking skills and strength to become racers. The Norcal League helps train, certify and insure the riders, coaches, ride leaders and parent volunteers to ensure safety and professionalism. This team is open to new riders, sponsors and parental support.

Club contact info:
   Team Captain:
  Team Website:

Robotics Club

Description: To familiarize ourselves with building robots, and entering robotics competitions.

For more information, check out the San Marin Robotics Club webpage

Student Rep:

Adviser: Mr. Mike Sousa

Save the Waves

Description: The purpose of this club is to clean up the beaches in our area in order to provide a nicer, safer environment for marine mammals and land mammals. It is also a way for students to earn community service hours and to help spread the word of how important the ocean is to us and other animals all over the world.

Student Rep:


Speech and Debate Club

Description: Our club is unique in Marin — among all public and private schools in the county, there is only one other school that offers a competitive speech and debate program. Our club consists of students from all four grade levels, and all are welcome to join us.  We work to improve our ability to think, speak, and debate in a fun, comfortable environment. We currently compete in Individual Events, Parliamentary Debate, and club contests.  Our competitions take us all over the Bay Area, where we meet and compete with students from over 50 Bay Area high schools! Our team also travels to college campuses for weekend events.  We belong to the Golden Gate Speech Association and the California High School Speech Association; we are also members of the National Forensic League, one of the most prestigious national high school organizations to which a high school student can belong.  Since our team began 5 1/2 years ago, team members have brought home over 30 medals and trophies. We meet once a week to learn and prepare for competitions. Currently we have about 20 club members.   You are invited to find out more about us by visiting our Facebook page – San Marin Speech and Debate.

Advisor:  Karen Kenyon


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