Your student’s achievement in high school is more important than ever! Whether your child is college bound or choosing a career path right out of high school, the teachers, counselors and staff at San Marin High School are committed to preparing your child for the next step in their life.

We are the “Academic Boosters” organization supporting all students. This past 2017/18 school year, we were able to fund many important needs for all grades

Funding Status for Project Goals 2018/2019 School Year

Tech Corral 0%
Goal 2 0%
Goal 3 0%
Goal 4 0%

In the Summer of 2018, PTSA funded 6 new trees and lantana bushes with new mulch to cover a previously weed and dirt patch right at the front of the school. PTSA hired a professional landscaper to work with school staff to identify the types of trees that would work best for the site and create a maintenance plan. PTSA is thrilled to be able to enhance the campus so that students, teachers and staff are proud of the campus.

Historically PTSA has raised funds to supplement the needed technology the school required to keep pace with the changing educational environment. More recently, NUSD has met that need with the implementation of One World that funds a Chromebook for every student. By the 2019-20 school year, every student will be assigned their own device. PTSA has evolved as well to provide more funds by a grant program to teachers requesting funds for field trips, lab materials, newer books or additional copies for larger classes. It is the goal of PTSA to ensure teachers have all materials and supplies to meet the needs of their classrooms.

This Valentines event is traditional to San Marin High. PTSA creates a free-for-all shopping experience for teachers and staff to resupply their classroom with the essentials like dry marker pens, tissues and other supplies that don’t get included in the NUSD funding. The program has recently expanded to address specific needs from teachers like document cameras and other small equipment for classrooms. The shopping day is in coordination with a lovely lunch also provided by PTSA.

PTSA has committed to stocking and maintaining the emergency container on campus for use by students, teachers and staff in a major emergency during the day. Each year the container is examined by a community volunteer in conjunction with parents, and PTSA pays to restock expired product.

Each year the PTSA provides two small cash awards to the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the senior class and a larger scholarship to a graduation student who is a PTSA member . PTSA also coordinates the award of a scholarship through the North Marin Council of PTAs that offers one scholarship to a graduating senior who is a PTSA member.

PTSA recognizes the hard work of teachers and staff by providing 4 elegant and tasty lunches each year to celebrate the beginning of the year, the start of the winter vacation, Valentines Day and the end of the school year.

The Annual Green and Gold Fundraising Dinner and Dance will be held Saturday Jan 26, 2019 at Marin Country Club and will raise the bulk of the funds targeted to academic achievement. There is a chairperson for the event, we are looking for Lead People to manage different aspects of the fundraising to ensure enough time and attention to each piece to be as successful as possible in our fundraising!

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