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Academic Planning

The SMHS Counseling Department includes three academic counselors, College and Career Advisor, and classified support staff.  All of us are here to support the development of each student’s academic, career, personal, and social abilities.
SMHS 2018-2019 Course Catalog
SMHS 9th Grade Parent Night

Mental and Behavioral Wellness

The Bay Area Community Resources Organization provides on-site counselors who work with our students to provide support in mental and behavioral wellness.  Services are available through a referral from an academic counselor.
A Letter from the Counseling Team

Contact Your Counselor


  • Drop in:  Students may meet with their counselors on a drop-in basis before school, during break or lunch, and after school.  This method is best if you have a quick question or concern.
  • Appointment:  Students may make an appointment to see their counselor by speaking with Mrs. Ramadan, Counseling Tech.  This method is best if you think your question or concern might take more time to address.  Your counselor will call you in as quickly as possible.
  • Email:  Sending your counselor an email saves students from missing important class instruction and having to wait in line.  Emailing your counselor is a quick and easy way to get answers to your questions and concerns.


  • If you have questions about your student’s current grade or course content, please contact the teacher directly.  You may also use Aeries to monitor your student’s progress in his or her classes.  Counselors do not have additional information regarding specific classes, so teachers will be best equipped to inform and guide you.
  • If you have a general question or concern for your student’s counselor, the most expedient way to contact him or her is through email.  You can also contact your student’s counselor through voicemail.  Counselors will return phone calls within 24-48 hours.  Please keep in mind that if you’re calling about a teacher-related issue, we ask that you have communicated with the teacher first.

Ms. Caroline Hoj
Counselor, AVID

(415) 798-5172
[email protected]

Ms. Laura Traintafyllos

(415) 798-5173
[email protected]

Mr. Jim Hu
Counselor, Dept. Chair

[email protected]

Naviance: online portal for personalized college prep resources and events

Downloads for use with your San Marin Counselor

For general information (415) 898 – 2123

College and Career Center:
Your resource for success post-graduation

Request a transcript from the Registrar’s Office

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