Students need to complete 40 hours of service to meet the Novato Unified School District graduation requirement.

Completed Forms can be downloaded here or picked up in the Counseling or College and Career Center. Completed forms should be turned into the College and Career Center. Deadlines for submission is on the form.

This Form Required For Graduation

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Community Service Guidelines
for San Marin High School

  • All community service work must be completed outside of school hours, unless organized by a teacher liaison, and approved by Principal or designated staff member.
  • Projects will be approved only for work through a nonprofit community organization. Hours worked at convalescent homes or hospitals may be allowed but need to be pre-approved.
  • Community Service credit will not be granted for recruitment, membership building or teaching about an organization or its beliefs, philosophy or mission. For example, Community Service credit will be granted for volunteer work performed at a church providing childcare, directing recreational activities, helping to feed or clothe those in need, and providing other community services, but credit will not be granted for teaching about religious beliefs or for organizing or participating in religious ceremonies.
  • Community Service hours will not be given for service performed for a parent or a relative.
  • Service hours completed during the school year for Walker Creek Outdoor Education are will be accepted for the community service graduation requirement and to earn service credit. Hours will be credited for non-school hours. Maximum of 5 hours per day.
  • Approved Community Service completed during weekends or vacation time will not exceed more than 8 hours a day.
  • Hours earned for after school or weekend training or planning sessions may count towards community service when the training results in actual volunteer service towards the community.
  • Club meetings, fundraisers and general activities do not qualify as approved community service. However, participation in service activities organized by clubs and extra-curricular groups at SMHS may be counted with prior approval by Principal or designated staff member.
  • Paid Work will not be considered for community service hours
  • Punitive service will not qualify for high school service hours (such as hours worked for probation).
  • The agency has the option of not signing the time sheet if the student’s job performance is not satisfactory.
  • Students must use official school community or credit service verification forms. Student’s sheets must be signed off by parent or guardian and supervisor of service activity.
  • Accumulation of service hours begins when entering San Marin High School. Transfer students can have their hours prorated at 10 hours per year.
  • Students wishing to do tutoring for their service must wait until after their 9th grade year to begin.
  • Students who meet either the ten hour per year requirement or exceed the forty hour graduation requirement may then become eligible to earn units towards graduation. Units will not be posted on the transcript until the 40 hour service learning requirement has been met. Fifteen hours of community service equals 1 school unit of elective credit posted to the students’ transcript.

Click on the links below for some of the places you can earn hours.

North Marin Community Services

Gilead House

ewaste Collective
Computer and Technology Resource Center

Marin Humane Society

Homeward Bound of Marin

Volunteer Match

Center for Non-Profit Leadership of Marin

Marin County Parks

Point Reyes National Seashore

Marin County Free Library

The Marine Mammal Center


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