AVID is a 4-year program for students who want to attend a four-year university, but could benefit from a community of like-minded students to help get them there. Many AVID students are from under-represented backgrounds or will be the first in their family to attend college. The goal of the AVID program is to give motivated students the tools to do well in high school and prepare them for a rigorous college curriculum so they will be ready to succeed when they get there. We do this through organizational skills, note-taking and study strategies, improving reading and writing, tutorials, community service, and building a positive community in the classroom. Each AVID class teacher stays with the same group of students from their freshman year until they graduate from high school and go on to college as seniors.

AVID Class of 2019 Testimonials:

“I am thrilled to have taken part in AVID. It has been four thriving years in which I’ve been supported and motivated to my success in high school moving forward to college.”

“The AVID community not only supports you through your high school journey, but introduces to you to many amazing opportunities.”

“AVID has been a support system giving me the tools to succeed both personally and academically.”

“Making friends that are also going to college for the first time in their families is a connection you can’t create anywhere else.’

“Without AVID, I’d probably not be anywhere as organized as I am.”

Class of 2023- Teacher Michelle Lafevre-Bernt

Class of 2022- Teacher Damon Uriarte