What’s the best time to find scholarships? NOW!

//What’s the best time to find scholarships? NOW!

What’s the best time to find scholarships? NOW!

Every penny counts when it comes to paying for college, and it’s never too early to start preparing for and searching for scholarships. Plan ahead. Searching and applying for scholarships takes time. If you wait until senior year, you may lose out.

Naviance offers Scholarship Match where you can narrow your search to fit you. Looking for scholarships can be tedious, and applying can be rigorous.

Don’t forget about Financial Aid!

The biggest misconceptions about financial aid are that only students who are exceptionally smart or exceptionally poor qualify for financial aid.

Although there is need-based financial aid that may not be available to the wealthiest students, the truth is that there are many forms of financial aid that are not determined by financial need at all. And for those of you that aren’t the best scholars, you will be happy to know that most forms of aid only require the student to maintain a passing average.

You’d even be surprised how many people never apply because they think they won’t get anything. Don’t be fooled!

The websites below are useful for finding scholarships and financial aid options.

College Board Scholarship Search

Federal Aid for Students

The College and Career Center is available to assist you in finding money for college. 

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